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I'm a WordPress Ambassador at Buddy and a Creator of WordPress newsletter called WP Owls

Last week's news #4

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Marieke van de Rakt shows there’s more to her than just being Joost’s wife in a forthcoming article.
More Than Just Joost’s Wife

Personally this is my favourite article this week. I really loved the story and the long way that Marieke had to go to show she is more than just Joost's wife. And let's be honest - she really does a great job as the head of Yoast.

Aubrey Portwood from WebDevStudios describes a typical workday of a Lead Engineer.
WebDevStudios: Day in the Life of a Senior Engineer

It's a great article, but the thing I loved the most is the phrase "lead from the middle". It really describes senior developers or tech leads perfectly.

Wordfence describes the risk of using nulled plugins.
Nulled WordPress Plugins – Dangers and Downsides

For me this is amazing that people still risk the security of their websites jus to save few $$.

David Bisset has observed that the number of installations from the official repository has decreased this year.
Is The Growth Of Active Installs of WordPress Plugins Declining in 2021?

This is something interesting. Although probably it's related to the fact that last year everyone was installing plugins like crazy. But maybe more and more people are moving to the premium space?

You'll find more news on WP Owls.
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I wanted to talk a bit about DevRel (developer relations).

Let me start with one funny thing. I worked as a developer for all my career and at some point, out of the blue, I became WP Ambassador at Buddy. ItΒ  took me some time to even learn that there is something like DevRel at all (I thought that being an ambassador is more of marketing role).

Things I learned working at Buddy:
  • It's something between marketing ad development. I constantly have a chance to write some, build interesting CI/CD flows, talk with developers to think about some cool ideas for webinars etc. On the other hand I talk with people a lot.Β 
  • working in DevRel, as a former developer is really cool and quite easy. If you don't have a problem with talking with people and you are a technical person than you should like this job.
  • for me it's also cool, that most of times I talk with engineers rather than marketers. This gives me a chance to constantly learn new stuff. Also for me talking with engineers is much easier than with marketers.
  • Most developers to focus on one task. In DevRel there is a lot of small tasks, having a lot conversations at once and overall keeping it all together is hardest part.
  • Overall being a charismatic jack-of-all-trades is something very useful here. It's easier to connect the dots.Β 
And what is your take on DevRel? Or maybe you had a chance to work in such a role.
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Maciek Palmowski from WP Owls πŸ¦‰ AMA

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I had a pleasure to talk with Joe last week and here what's came from this discussion - E155 – Running a WordPress Newsletter in a Crowded Space (Maciek Palmowski, WP Owls) (

I'm a WordPress Ambassador at Buddy where my task is to educate WordPress developers about CI/CD.

I also run a WP Owls newsletter, where together with my wife, I try to find the most interesting news from the WordPress world.

So - if you have any questions about CI/CD, newsletters, WP situation, development, cycling, goth music or what are the best coffee places in Lodz (Poland) - AMA πŸ™‚
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Last week's news #3

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Last week, a critical security flaw was discovered in WooCommerce. So if, for some reason, your WooCommerce still hasn’t been updated – do it at once.
Critical Vulnerability Detected in WooCommerce on July 13, 2021 – What You Need to Know

Update your Woo, if you still didn't - update now. There is no worse way to screw up your reputation as a shop owner rather than getting you shop hacked and data stolen.

Nathan da Silva
looked into his crystal ball to predict the future of the page builder market.
The Future of WordPress Page Builders

I'm a big fan of Gutenberg, but I'm still sceptical for FSE. On the hand I may biased as I really don't like page builders overall and FSE is a page builder.

Still, I played with FSE last week and for me coding views and templates is still easier then clicking them up.

Timi Wahalahti
raised a very important topic, which is climate change. According to him, as a WordPress community, we can do more about this.
WordPress and climate emergency

Timi raises a very important problem. On the other hand we have to be careful with some changes. The line between organizing an eco-friendly event and having attendees furious may go somewhere trough the vegan lunch (personally I'm ok with it, but I organized a big WordCamp and only 20% were interested in a non-meat option).

Christie Chirinos
published a reply to an entry from WP Tavern on the superiority of working on open-source projects to studying. Both threads are worth reading.

Personally I wouldn't say that any option is superior. It depends on the school, on the teachers. Personally I didn't finish higher school and in my case I see most of this as wasted time. But... I know many people that learned a lot from it.

Still I'm a bit surprised that Justin Tadlock even started this discussion.

More news are available on WP Owls.
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Last week's news #2

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For WPBeginnerβ€˜s 12th birthday Syed Balkhi published a post summarizing this period. Admittedly, a lot has happened.
WPBeginner Turns 12 Years Old – Reflections and Updates

"Personally I'm not a person that reads WP Beginners, I'm just not their target. But I'm really impressed how Syed built his empire. Kudos for him".

Jon Christopher has sold his SearchWP plugin to Awesome Motive.
I Sold SearchWP to Awesome Motive

"This makes me sad a bit. Like every time when a developers sells his plugin. On the other hand I believe that SearchWP is in good hands and it's quality will get only better and better. Especially that I really like SearchWP."

WPScan blog released an interview with the hacker m0ze on whether WordPress is a safe CMS and how he finds vulnerabilities.
Interview with a WordPress Hacker: m0ze

"I really like this interview. Especially the part when m0ze explains that WP itself is safe, but themes and plugins... not"

Ahrefs released an interesting article on the impact of the Flesch Reading Ease. It is worth reading to understand how to interpret its results.
Flesch Reading Ease: Does It Matter for SEO? (Data Study)

"This I really loved this week - I never knew how Flesch Reading Ease index works."

And of course you will find more news on WP Owls.

Last week's news #1

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If it's not a problem let me share 3-4 most interesting news from WP Owls with some personal comment.

GitHub presented their use of artificial intelligence in creating functions.
GitHub Copilot
"I have mixed feelings about this. It's a cool shiny toy, but it also rises lots of red flags in terms of licensing or learning from non-public repos. But let's wait and see."

WordPress blog reveals what awaits us in version 5.8
WordPress 5.8 Release Candidate
"I think everyone who is fascinated with Full Site Editing can't wait for this release. Personally I prefer coding my websites rather than using page builder. "

On the WordPress community blog, Andrea Middleton announced the possibility of face-to-face meetups for vaccinated community members.
In-person meetup events for vaccinated community members
"This is interesting. I really wonder how many people would like to attend to such meetings, especially with the delta mutation spreading."

Sketch Block is a plugin by Automattic. It is used for freehand drawing and can be used, among others, for signatures.
Sketch Block
"This is another example that nothing is impossible with Gutenberg. It's a rather non-practical block, but it show what you can achieve."

You can find more news onΒ WP Owls

Static and headless WordPress - podcast with Nate Finch from Strattic

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I had a very interesting chat with Nate Finch from Strattic about all the things related with those new approaches like headless or static.

We discussed about how does those ways can affect WP, what are the pros and cons.

You can listen to itΒ Static and headless WordPress - WP Owls
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WP Owls flow - AMA

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This was originally a twitter thread β€žCreating a weekly newsletter isn't easy and it requires a lot of work during the whole week. Let me show you how we create WP Owls. More in thread πŸ§΅β€ / Twitter

But it may help you, inspire you or whatever. If you have any questions I will gladly try to answer them.

Creating a weekly newsletter isn't easy and it requires a lot of work during the whole week. Let me show you how we create WP Owls.

Every day we go trough twitter, other newsletters, github and many interesting websites, to find some interesting articles.Β 

Than we store all of them inΒ  Clickup.
On Friday we filter out the best news. The rest goes either out or is moved to "Next week" column, so we can use them... next week πŸ™‚

Next step is writing all the descriptions and picking all the images (Unsplash
is the best source for images).

We are doing it in #WordPress and everything is based on ACF Custom Blocks, having Timber under the hood.
This weird language you saw on the last image is Polish - that's because we first started creating a Polish newsletter only. That means that the next step is passing everything for translation. We couldn't done it without the help of Joanna Kaluza.

At this point we can prepare all the images for social media - we're using Canva for this. Canva helps make it a bit easier, although there still some manual work :(

On Monday and Tuesday we release each version. It also requires a few steps. First we convert everything to static. Thanks to WP2Static
and BuddyGit this step is quite simple.
Next, it's time for a newsletter - we're using Mailchimp and we're doing it quite manually. We share the most interesting 3 news every time.
The last step is preparing all the social media posts. Thanks to
Buffer we can automate it. We love that buffer let's us customize the same post for each network.

So that's all you need to prepare a newsletter filled with WordPress new each week πŸ™‚

As you see - it's a lot of work, but it's really cool and it keeps on top what is going on in the WordPress world.
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Hello everyone πŸ¦‰

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My name is Maciek and I from Lodz in Poland.

I'm a WordPress Ambassador at a company called Buddy ( and my task is educate and help developers with using CI/CD together with WordPress.

Also I run WP Owls - a newsletter filled with WordPress news.

Apart from all this IT related stuff I love cycling. It really helps me relax.
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