Suraj Sodha

Founder at WPMaintain
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Founder at WPMaintain - a UK agency working with 200+ local businesses.


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Hello from London, England

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Hi everyone πŸ‘‹Β 

Suraj here from London! Excited to be part of this community πŸ™‚

I run a UK-based WP maintenance and support service ( with a small team. We have just over 200 customers at the moment, with a MRR of Β£12k (approx $16k). Really looking to grow this to Β£20k MRR but feel I've reached a bit of a ceiling doing it myself.

My biggest challenges are probably very similar to others at this level:

  • Finding great team members who I can trust without much supervision
  • Growing through the Β£10-12k MRR barrierΒ 

Outside of WordPress, I recently sold my graphic design as a service ( business to Design Pickle, and as part of that acquisition, I joined their Global Ops and Product team.

Outside of work, I love competing in extreme endurance races around Europe (Spartan) and have completed 7 so far, the longest taking 6 hours. Definitely looking to do more as things open up again around Europe.

Looking forward to connecting and contributing what I can here!Β 

Thanks for having me!Β 
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