Lucas Prigge

Head of Sales at Kinsta
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 Tess Coughlan-Allen  Awesome! Thank you! Andrea says hi! 👋
 Corey Maass  Not strongly.

We recommend plugins that we've seen work well on our platform or where their developers have made an extra effort to make it compatible (such as WP Rocket, who've automatically disabled their caching on sites hosted with Kinsta, in favor of our server-based caching).

What we don't do though is only whitelist/allow or recommend one specific plugin over its alternatives purely for "partnership" reasons. There's lots of smart developers out there with different preferred plugins who can make them work well, so we try to be as open and accommodating as we can, and we're always open to change our recommendations based on what experiences with our customers can teach us.

We do have it the other way - a blocklist of banned plugins (for various reasons, mostly speed and security related) which you can find here:
 Joe Howard   

It's both, mostly asynchronously though seeing as we have a globally distributed team and we want to keep everyone involved. Works well.

We run controlled experiments to test new best practices against the standard, meet as a team regularly to have panel discussions and of course there is regular 1:1 coaching to evaluate individual performance. 
 Joe Howard  That's right, that all happens automatically via HubSpot through workflows and various integrations to capture as much relevant data as possible.
 Joe Howard  I started as a business development representative. Then I moved into an Account Executive position, before I got into my current role. I've seen first hand how Kinsta truly invests in their team members' career trajectories.
I'm open to country music recommendations! 🤠  Todd E Jones  
 Joe Howard  It's a bit of both.

We don't really hire completely 'green' or newcomers to the sales profession, so whoever joins our team already has a good understanding of sales best practices.

A large portion of our sales training consists of product knowledge, and we repurpose much of our knowledge base/blog/video content for training. To educate new sales reps on our philosophy, we borrow a lot of material from the free HubSpot Academy and require certain certifications.

The rest is internal, and discusses how to deal with specific sales scenarios, how we use our CRM, and how to interact with other teams for example.
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 Joe Howard  From the moment an individual makes themselves known by interacting with a lead magnet like that, they enter into our CRM.

They also earn some points. That's a mechanism called 'lead scoring', part of lead qualification. It basically means assigning a positive or negative point value to specific measurable lead attributes or actions, and having a minimum number of points to pass before you're considered a hot lead that is ready to be introduced to the sales team ("Marketing qualified lead" or "MQL" to use a jargon term). What the exact attributes or measured actions are is constantly evaluated via data to ensure it captures hot leads more accurately.

So basically we are very selective and careful with who we decide to reach out to from a sales perspective, always respecting opt-ins and opt-outs as well as not assuming someone is ready to talk to sales just because they downloaded one ebook.