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SEO and Content Strategy Consultant
Melanie Phung is a digital marketing consultant specializing in search engine optimization and content strategy, with a successful track record of driving results for businesses, education sites, and non-profit organizations. She has worked with bran
Hi all, here are links to the free or cheap keyword research tools I'm recommending in my talk. Great places to start if you're just dabbling before you want to invest in a more robust paid subscription tool:Ā 

Google TrendsĀ 
Keywords Everywhere
KeywordSpy (competitive research):
Answer the Public:

Enjoyed your talk ļ»æ Carrie Dils ļ»æ! Great examples of adding value by creating content that directly answers questions your readers have about products and services. They get trusted, useful answers and you make money -- it's a win-win!Ā 
ļ»æ Joe Howard ļ»æ, ļ»æ Sergio Igartua ļ»æ - Marie Haynes puts out a fantastic SEO newsletter ( So does Aleyda Solis ( These lean a bit more "SEO for SEOs" (as opposed to tips for people who are coming from other fields but trying to learn a little bit) so I'm not sure if that's what you're looking for, but they're doing really great work of filtering good insights from fluff.Ā 
ļ»æ Joe Howard ļ»æĀ SEMrush and Ahrefs are good for deep dives into long tail exploration. If I'm working with clients to get them into doing keyword research, I'll point them to simpler and cheap/free tools like Google's autosuggest/autocomplete feature, Google Trends, and Keywords Everywhere. I find these to be pretty user friendly.Ā