Cate DeRosia

Expansion Lead for the HeroPress Network
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I'm a serial volunteer in the WordPress space working to build a more diverse community with equitable access to resources.

Hey, All. :)

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  • I'm from Grand Rapids, MI. 
  • I'm growing a business around access to resources within the WordPress community.
  • My biggest challenge is the uniqueness of the business which has a commitment to keeping access equitable.
  • My favorite vacation spot is anywhere that has water: river, big lake, ocean, whatever. Every chance I get I spend time on Mackinac Island, a historic national park about 4 hours north of us that doesn't allow cars on it. It's magical.
  • While I have a family, I don't have any good pics of them, (or even bad pics of them). But my husband and I have two girls, 20 &22.
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