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License Management with WooCommerce?

Founders, do you guys use WooCommerce for selling your Plugins and distributing licenses?

Have you developed your custom solution or found anything reliable?

We have been using EDD Software licensing addons for our other products for years, but for WPFunnels, we want to use WC.Β 

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Hello from Dhaka πŸ‡§πŸ‡©

Hello Everyone, My Name is Lincoln Islam, and I'm the founder of CODE REX ( a white label WordPress development agency), WPVR, CartLift, and WPFM.
I'm transitioning (it's slow, but hopefully, we will hit the milestone) my business from consulting service to product.

Recently we're releasing our brand new Sales Funnel Plugin Called WPFUnnels.

Before this community, I have never found groups or any place full of people who have excellent product experience. Especially Wordpress plugin. Thanks ο»Ώ Joe Howard ο»ΏΒ for creating this amazing Community <3Β 

I would love to share my knowledge and struggles with others. Feel free to Dm me with any questions.Β Β 
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