Austin Ginder

Developer, Anchor Hosting
For sure. I mean take a step away from WordPress and just look at web development over the last 10 years. A web developer and designer used to be enough. Now those singular roles have now fractioned into a hundreds of different types and specialities. Industries matured and many new opportunities are possible.

Same is true about WordPress. There are many new areas of opportunities for which to focus in on. It's not simple however that doesn't mean you, individually, need to be an expert at everything. I mean does a command line expert whose job/passion is to build WordPress automation tools really need to dig deep into React and understand completely how the WordPress block editor is built? Likewise the WordPress product maker who heavily invested into React really need to know all of the inner workings of WP-CLI? No, of course not.

WordPress is large enough for many different types of web developers. Not every developer who works in the WordPress ecosystem needs to be a "WordPress developer". Pick whatever technologies you want to work with and just build cool stuff on top of WordPress. Share and be open. Everyone has something of value to contribute. That's the true power of WordPress.