Brandy Lawson

Speaker, Tech Ignitor
I'm a ridiculous shoe lover, tech fan, clarity bringer, recovering know-it-all & speaker. I head up FieryFX, a B2B marketing & consulting agency and host the podcast Leverage Your Spark.

For those in the WP Maintenance space

I'm curious about the kinds of requests you get from clients that are outside the scope of the WP work you do for them. I'm trying to verify assumptions I have about the types of clients that use WP maintenance services (like WP Buffs) and what else they are asking for and need.

Our service is offering support for s.a.a.s. tools (not WP), so I'm working on ideal client and partner profiles.
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Hey there 👋! I'm Brandy, originally from Montana but having lived in Phoenix, Arizona for over a decade I guess I'm "from" here now.

We've been in the business of marketing strategy & website development for almost 9 years now, but the business we want to grow with MRR is tech troubleshooting and implementation for mar-tech services like email marketing, automation, CRM, and all the other systems that complement the effectiveness of a website.

The biggest challenge at the moment is refining the messaging and getting clear on our first target market so what we are offering is a no-brainer for those that need it.

A favorite thing? I love shoes - the more ridiculous the better. 

This is a picture of my son & I after doing an obstacle course on the lake last weekend.

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