Tess Coughlan-Allen

Head of Growth at Atomic Smash


👋🏻 Tess here, I work for Atomic Smash, an agency based in Bristol, UK. I'm interested in building partnerships and content marketing. I'm a writer but I also love using audio and video formats to tell stories.

Keen to know your favourite WordPress/digital/business podcasts! 🎙 Who has recommendations?

I used to enjoy attending WordCamps and similar events pre-2020. I was global lead for WCEU 2020 and had the opportunity to give a lightning talk ⚡ at WCUS 2019. A few years back, I organised the first do_action charity hackathon to take place in Europe, which was great fun!

If we meet in person in the future, ask how my new hobby is going: surfing 🏄‍♀️
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