Kevin Ashcroft

Founder and Author
Founder Of Multiple Companies including WP Support Specialists and Blinkered Media. Talent/Gig Economy Specialist. Mentor. Author of Outsourcing for Success - Change Your Business And Your Life In Three Hours – Outsource Your Growth!
Hey everyone! Quick question hopefully :) 

How many clients do you have that signup direct from your website compared to how many who need to chat through what package their website is suited to, and what package you would cover them on? The ones that need more qualification, do they generally then signup via your website or through a slightly more manual process once you have completed your check of their website.

Just to be clear I'm asking about a ballpark percentage rather than specific numbers. Thanks in advance.


Hi All 🙂

A quick hello to introduce myself to the group.

I started my first business around 19 years of age (a looooong time ago...) sold that in 2010/2011 and founded WP Support Specialists and Blinkered Media based on building a distributed team which has been a pleasure.

I completed and launched my first book in May this year titled, Outsourcing for Success - How to Make the Most of Freelance Talent and Boost your Business.

I'm really looking forward to being part of the group and contributing when and where I can.
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