Joshua Vandercar

Developer & Support Engineer
Owner/Maker @ Gravity Hopper // Typemarker && Support Engineer @ Rocketgenius

Thoughts on GTM Strategy

Thought of the crew here when I ready through this. Pretty solid on-point post with considerations for focusing a go to market strategy.
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Discounts for Renewals: Yea? Nay?

I'm looking to re-price some of my plugins and am curious to know anyone's insights/experience with auto-discounts on renewals. As a seller? As a consumer? 🤔
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Launch Strategy Best Practices

Hey, folks! Come August, I'm planning to launch the flagship plugin for Gravity Hopper.

I've prepped 10 social images that I'll be utilizing in a day-by-day countdown format to highlight various features of the plugin – and will handily be able to re-use them in the documentation I still need to pull together.

I've also scheduled a video walk-through of the plugin for September with a well-respected WP channel.

What other insights do you have for getting the word out in a lead up to launch?
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Entering the Space

Hey folks! 👋🏽 I always have a difficult time keeping away from new, shiny, freshly launched things. So, here I am. Well-executed!

I've been involved at the sidelines of WordPress for nearly ten years now and recently found that my penchant for all things novel led me into development of two plugins which have both begun earning some wpmrr.

While now employed with rocketgenius as a Support Engineer for Gravity Forms, I also try to carve out some time to keep the following projects moving forward:

Typemarker was developed with the intent of providing refined and professional reporting for those using MainWP for WordPress site management.

Gravity Hopper took shape to provide tools that would enhance the form development process for those building with Gravity Forms.

Happy to be here – for now! Let's see what tomorrow brings.

On my personal side – disc golf, board games, and wrangling five littles are at the top of my list these days.
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