Joshua Vandercar

Developer & Support Engineer
Owner/Maker @ Gravity Hopper // Typemarker && Support Engineer @ Rocketgenius
 Todd E Jones  👋🏽 Fancy seeing you here. Welcome!
 Joe Howard  Yeah, I'm curious how this became a trend, as well. When this is offered on plugins I use, I'm appreciative – but I can't say it has ever weighed into my decision to use or renew.
 Joe Howard  Thanks for taking the time to comment so thoroughly from your place of expertise! I'll devote some time to work through these points and assess the trajectory I'm setting and will try to post back as things move forward.
Welcome Arindo Duque ! Though I have yet to launch my first network with WP Ultimo, I need to share with you sometime how it has played a significant role in where I am today.
Joe Howard Oddly, yes. They do. Silly and fleeting as it may be.
The slow grind of building it – probably mostly in the absence of time to put into marketing. I'm using EDD for the my plugin projects, which has made things pretty painless. I've kind of just let things slowly grow organically at this point. I'd love to see Gravity Hopper get some traction, especially as I look to launch the flagship plugin in a month or so, but also realize as I look to grow things, I need to be prepared for increased support requests.
Do people like these?
The meme? 🤷🏽
The badge? 💯
 😆 Ha! Only 1️⃣ chance to introduce myself for the first time. Gotta capitalize on it. Raise the bar!

I'll have to mention things – also in the MainWP & WPUltimo groups I frequent. I think those folks would have interest.

Yeah. 5! Ages 1 through 9. But, you know…it started with one. 😉
Worth the wait, I'm sure! I hope.