Ryan Waterbury

Web Professional
Web professional at https://onedog.solutions
I'm working with a client that we recently launched a site for with a competitive keyword in their organization name. In this particular case we're working on their brand name search immediately. 

This is also a case where we are running a PPC brand campaign with competitor brand-match keywords alongside the SEO work we're doing in order to generate some traffic and revenue for them out of the gate. 😉

Each case is a little bit different, but starting earlier on is always better than later in my experience.
 Joe Howard  Everything is in ClickUp, and template driven, so there's consistency built in.
Eventually, I may have published baseline marketing plans, but the custom options are working well for now.
 Joe Howard  Yup, they are recurring. They're hidden products because different clients pay differently for their specific plans. Using https://shopplugins.com/plugins/woocommerce-cart-url/ to include a cart with custom pricing on proposal acceptance for each customer's individualized plan.
 Joe Howard  yup. Love MRR! There are hidden custom products for social media management, SEO, email marketing and more. WooCommerce Subscriptions pushed to Wave for accounting has been working very well for me!