Rob Docherty

Fixing sites from
Amazed to find this resource exists! Thanks Joe and the team for making this a reality. I'd love to network and chat shop. Active on Clubhouse and Green room.

Would love some quick feedback on the concept/idea. Happy to answer any questions, have a redesign in the works, but the framework is there from PHP/MySQL and a couple APIs.

On-demand Live Collaboration With Subject Matter Experts Through Screen Share

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The goal of our screen sharing service is to make a best-effort to provide technical and creative support to anybody that's losing money on their time. We provide a platform for individuals to screenshare with helpers to listen, assess and teach or resolve issues. If you aren't satisfied with the service provided, we'll provide a refund.

It's Game Time!

I'm from Louisville, Kentucky and run a website support service at I'm looking to grow my network and if that leads to business great, but, honestly it's nice to just talk shop from time to time and decompress.

My favorite spots to hang out are: Hilton Head, Boca and Shady Side. I play guitar and have a photography studio as well.

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