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 Daniele Besana  There are some very good answers above.

Based on my experience in the past -

  1.  Don't expect ROI in the short term. In fact ROI is really difficult to measure.

    2. One off sponsorships of any kind are mostly useless. There needs to be repetition so you get embedded in the minds of people.

    3. Online events are a compromise when compared to the in-person ones.

    4. There is an aspect of giving to the community through these sponsorships.
 Joe Howard  This is such a fantastic reply. You should convert this into a blogpost.
Question to all of you in the maintenance panel - Given the expertise and the brand of your agencies, would enterprise clients, not be willing to pay significantly higher amounts? What challenges do you face in such conversations?
 Ishan Amin  We have a product specially for agencies. It integrates BlogVault/MalCare in one solution. You can find it here: https://wpremote.com/

Please feel free to ping me if you need any help.
 Jennifer Weed  Thank you. I have made a note of this. Hoping to get this out soon. I am guessing the MainWP/ManageWP comment functionality is fairly robust and something we should aim to match.

The database/revision optimization is already in the pipeline as part of a bigger project as mentioned.
 Jennifer Weed  Thank you.

We have not had any other customers ask for managing spam comments. Hence we have not prioritized this. Do you do this often?

Our bot protection should block out a decent amount of spam.

We have something cool and comprehensive coming up for optimization. It will take some time but I think you will like it. We are really excited about it.
 Jennifer Weed  Thank you. We have fixed both.Do checkout our new report design too.

In the meanwhile we also go Activity Log, Bot Protection and a bunch of other features too.

Performance monitoring will soon be upgraded to "Google Web Vitals".
Thanks for the shoutout to BlogVault(I am the founder)  Joe Howard  

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