Joe Fletcher

Founder, Fletcher Digital and
Try to test all your websites! Also, Founder at Fletcher Digital, a web design agency in Washington DC.

Chckr - A New Tool To Test Your Website

Hey all, please check out, my new website testing tool.

You can quickly test your site for speed, accessibility, security, SEO, social, and Core Web Vitals across the best testing websites available for free.

Since this is new, I'm looking for any ideas on how to improve it, promote it, and monetize it. In the end, I'd love for this to become a part of your website building workflow.
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Hello from Washington DC

Folks, every once in a while I have a nugget of good advice, and I'll share those here of course. But mostly, I love these communities because there are so many smart people with tons of experience in a variety of areas - in this case, I can't wait to hear about everyone's trials and tribulations growing recurring revenue.

My focus for recurring revenue:
1) Grow support plan business
2) Niche into the law firm industry and discover new opportunities
3) Monetize my new website testing tool,

Let's do this.

- Fletch
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