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Italian in Amsterdam. Salsa addicted in rehab. Will travel again!

To sell or to not sell... one-time services

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Hello folks!

I believe that the biggest push to our MRR growth was stopping selling one-time services and present ourselves as a subscription-only service.


We get a decent amount of requests from leads NOT interested in a subscription.
Last summer the ticket volume was low, and with more time at hand we started selling more custom work.

And now I'm confused... 

My sales guy would love to have something to offer to every lead, but I'm afraid this will make us less focused.
On the other end, I feel like I'm leaving opportunities on the table if we don't do custom work we have skills and time for.

I've been going back and forth on this, any thought? 🤔

Thanks! 🙌
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Hello folks,
This is Daniele: an Italian living in The Netherlands, ultra-runner wannabe, Salsa addicted in rehab, and a nostalgic traveler 😄

I am founder of WP-OK, a WordPress management service focused on the Italian market.
My goal is to keep growing our MRR and team in a healthy business and environment.... challenging at times!

Super pumped to be here 🙂

Talk soon
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