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Hey again  Lynn Herkes ! I replied in your Introduction post, but wanted to put this here so others can see it too.  Alex Denning  is absolutely on top of things here and his company's latest blog post on the latest pandemic WordPress trends is worth a read. 
Welcome to the community,  Lynn Herkes ! 

The recent slowdown in WP installs and business is certainly going on right now, but the future still looks incredibly bright. The fine folks at Ellipsis Marketing have written about the pandemic-related WP trends, and their latest article is a great read.
 Joe Howard  Sweet! I'd love to meet up! Let me know if you make your way into Orlando, though I wouldn't blame you if you'd prefer to live that beach life. ☀️😎🏖️
Thanks for running this digital community and I'm looking forward to the Summit! 🤓
 Sergio Igartua  Sweet! Thank you!
Hey Asha! Welcome to the community!

I had a coworker move to Auckland a few years ago and it really made me want to check out both Australia and New Zealand. It looks soooooo beautiful there!!

I'm not sure if this helps you at all, but the CDN that I use for ObsessiveWP has a really, really great footprint in Australia and New Zealand. (used to be called BunnyCDN) has an entire page dedicated to why they rock for Australian websites. I'm going to be using them to power a photo blog site for that previous coworker of mine. 😀  Perhaps you can get some bigger or more profitable clients by marketing that you can help make sites fly for Australian users? net is super cheap per GB, so you could add on an "Australian CDN plan" as an up-sell for your local clients as an instant way to generate more MRR.

Just a thought!
Hello Sergio! Welcome to the community! 😀

Portland has been in my list of cities to visit for a while now. Any tips of places I've got to check out in the city?
 Steve Burge  
Sarasota is beautiful and I have quite a fondness for the Ringling. 😀  My mom and grandmother grew up as carny folk so it's in my blood.