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You can also watch on your Apple TV
  1. Downloading the Vimeo App.
  2. Login and activate your Apple TV device using their connection code.
  3. Search for WPMRR using the search tool!
  4. enjoy!
Awesome!  Thanks for posting it!.

 Adam Warner  Wow...really nice...thank you!
 Joe Howard  Great!  Thank you...
I've always thought that was just a backup plugin. I'll check it out.... thanks
Thanks for the link to Kristina's site.
If you have churn and then the email automation should kick in to try to win the customer back starting with
  1.  Help and Support "Why did you stop using the plugin? Do you need help? let me do a remote session and help you." or Did you switch to a competitor?" or "Is it something you can't afford right now?" type of Surveys - just think through it.
  2. Last-ditch effort to reclaim customers again - "secret reactivation links" at a discounted price, sent immediately as soon as they may say "affordability/price" in the survey - you don't want to space it out too much as it may give them time to look for other products and then you already lost them permanently.