Ishan Amin

Founder of WP Expert Services

Site Scanners

As a Lead Gen for my site, I have added a "Get a Free Website Analysis"

I need some recommendations on-site scanning tools that I can use (with white-label) for prospective clients. 

I can't "add" their site to do a full in-depth analysis since they aren't a customer yet, but a high-level site scan is fine.

Looking for SEO scanners, a WP scanner to show out of date plugins or themes, etc.

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ManageWP vs MainWP vs Watchful

Does anyone have any comparison matrix for breaking down feature sets for these three platforms?  I would love to see this so I can figure out the best solution for my needs. (Yes, even though I am just starting out) 🙂

I am currently using ManageWP for my personal sites and it seems great but what about from an Agency perspective,(reports, white-labeling, etc).
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WordPress Care Plan

Hi Guys
I was at this page and wanted to watch the videos listed here but I cant seem to figure out how to watch them or access them.  Can you point me in the right direction?  Is this entire course on your YouTube channel now?

Hello from Omaha, Nebraska

Hello Family!
I'm Ishan from Omaha! It's great to be here and I've been using WP for over 10 Years, so know it pretty well but always still learning!

Now taking my knowledge and starting a new venture called WP Expert Services. Any feedback on the new site would be appreciated! 

Looking forward to learning how to grow this type of service business!
Going to be targeting my Local Market!
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