Joe A Simpson Jr

Accessibility & WordPress Community Advocate, Front End Designer
Joe is a fledgling Front-End Web Developer, User-Experience Designer, a11y advocate specializing in WordPress solutions, and the host of the Back Down Memory Lane Podcast.

Working after working out....

Just finished my morning cardio workout (rocking my WPBuffs gear), raced home, and began my workday with the WPMRR Virtual Summit! Great speakers so far! Thanks to Joe and the team for putting this together!

  • Where I'm from: Castaic, California;
  • What business you want to grow with MRR: On-Demand a11y and UX services; 
  • Your biggest challenge around growing you MRR: Getting started. Imposter syndrome. "Too busy"; and
  • A favorite something: Hikes 5 minutes before sunrise, unique vocal stylings in a bossa nova, straight ahead, our urban music setting
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