Breann McDede

Education Experience Manager, Automattic
Events at Automattic. Food blogger at @mylifeintastes on Instagram. Lover of cats & plants.

MRR Made Easy with

Oh hey y'all! Bre with here to let you know if you have any questions during the Summit about how to scale your MRR with, you can post them in the comments of this post, or send a message directly to our in-house experts  Semiha Kocer  and  Kristina Quinones !

As an exclusive offer for the Summit, all WPMRR members can get 15% off all of our plans with the code WORDPRESS15. Our Payments feature is available on all of our paid plans. You can learn more about the Payments feature here, and learn more about our different plans here

We hope you enjoy the next three days of amazing talks! We are here to answer your questions, don't hesitate to ask 🙂
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