Francisco Opazo

Growth Marketer, Founder.
Agile Digital Project Manager, Edupreneur, Youtube, Blogger, WordPress Jedi and Growth Marketer for @wishlistmember

Ready, Set, GO!

Awesome stuff Joe Howard 😎
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Hi Everyone!

I'm Francisco, Professional Hustler 😅 , Founder, Creator and Growth Marketer.

I have been helping WordPress companies to take their marketing to new heights for the last 4 years. (Previously Digital Agency Owner for 8 years)

Formerly Marketing Director at BuddyBoss, and in the same position since the last 2 months at WishList Member.

I'm planning a very special project with MRR related to WooCommerce and aiming to get it live by next month! 

I have been reading and learning from all of you here, specially from the podcast, I'm eating/hearing 1 episode per day since last 30 days!

Thank you all for being awesome and share tips and your experience to grow here. 

Speak soon!
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