Kimberly Lipari

Hey y'all! I work with an incredible team of WP Pros every day, it's the best job ever. I love to read, cook, and camp.
 Guillaume Hamel  GREAT question! 
We still use some readily available and popular tools (BlogVault ftw!) and have customized our workflow in other areas. 

As we grew we found more and more clients were outliers that didn't fit the mold we made, so re re-assessed and changed along the way-careful not to shape everything around one or two unicorns-to ensure we were making it as easy on the team as possible to maintain quality of services.

There are some incredible tools out there and we've decided that we don't want to spend our time revolutionizing the maintenance process. So for us the decision to customize vs prefab is based on the cost/reward scenario of building out a solution what that nets us in the big picture.

Our biggest red flags/indicators that we need to look at our systems are repeated tensions and decline of metrics surrounding those systems.